• Signata International Feminist Leadership Conference | July 22–23 | San Francisco, CA

    Forums in San Francisco, 2017

    Conference 2018

  • The Feminist Future of Work

    What would you do if you could run at full speed, without translating for the patriarchy?

    How would you reinvent leadership and business strategy to be intersectionally feminist from the ground up? How would you go beyond inclusion and make business work for women of all identities—as employees, as founders, and as consumers? Each of us has developed bits of and pieces of the puzzle: together, we are the experts, and we have a lot to say.


    Signata is a safe and curated community of diverse women, for diverse women, produced by diverse women. We will trade tools and strategies, hold uninterrupted conversations, sponsor one another's success, and build a manifesto for the future of work together.


    We welcome trans, non-binary, and genderqueer women.

  • Takeaways

    Practical Tools

    Practical tools and stories for growing your business or career, developed for and by women who have been through it before.


    A lifelong community of other women who get it. A work-focused safe space to keep coming back to and be seen.


    Professional relationships, mentors, & resources. Share, learn, partner, sponsor, and form masterminds with other experts.


    Techniques for taking up space. Inspiration from others who've come before. Conviction in your path and the tools to execute it.

  • Guests of Honor

    Featured Presenters

    Y-Vonne Hutchinson

    Founder of Project Include and ReadySet

    Y-Vonne Hutchinson is a founder of Project Include and CEO of ReadySet, a diversity solutions firm that helps startups attract, retain, and grow diverse talent. As a former international labor rights lawyer, she has worked with foreign governments, the U.S. Department of State, and the UN. She is a member of Harvard Law’s Institute for Global Law and Policy Network and leading expert on labor relations and diversity in the workplace.

    Julia Bossmann

    President of Foresight Institute & Creator of Silicon

    Valley Women

    Julia Bossmann is the president and CEO of Foresight Institute, a leading organization for world-changing technologies. She serves at the World Economic Forum as council member for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the Global Future Council. She consults on AI, innovation, the future, and how technology transforms society. Julia is also the creator of Silicon Valley Women, and a leading thinker on women and the future of technology.

    Vanessa Lewis

    CEO of The Ethical Hedonist & Former Senior Editor at Everyday Feminism

    Vanessa Rochelle Lewis is a queer, lush-bodied, Black, femme performance artist, writer, actress, filmmaker, educator, and Faerie Princess Mermaid Gangsta for The Revolution. She is the former Senior Editor for Everyday Feminism and Black Girl Dangerous, and founder of The Ethical Hedonist. She uses a combination of memoir, poetry, theatre, and feminist storytelling to advance her politix of radical love, socioeconomic justice, anti-racism, community accountability, critical reflection, love, healing, and liberation.

  • Location

    Signata is made possible by our gracious host:


    2601 Mission Street

    San Francisco, CA